Frames that show off your individual style

Glasses have become a major style accessory. Frames can show off your best features and make you look and feel great. When choosing a pair of glasses, be sure to consider fit. You may be wearing your glasses for the majority of time in a day so it’s important that they’re comfortable. Eyewear should feel so natural that it becomes an extension of who you are. So how do you figure out which type of frames to get? Explore the options and view our brand name frames.

Pick your preference

Whatever type of frame you choose is entirely up to you. Think about where you normally need your glasses, when and how often. Will you be using them every day, or just for reading or driving? Do you want to play up your facial features or have a more understated appearance? Frames with unique detailing like: rhinestones, adornments, different finishes, etc. can all enhance your personality and style. Your eye glasses should make you feel comfortable in your own skin, while presenting your best side to the world. Eyeworks Optical has so many different colors and styles to choose from that you may be tempted to get a pair for every day of the week.