We Stand Behind Our Prescriptions

We are committed to giving you the best possible vision. Every pair of glasses we make are inspected to meet the American National Standards Institute's guidelines of quality eyewear by qualified opticians. We're always happy to re-check your eyewear to ensure you of their accuracy. If your doctor changes your prescription within six months of the orginal purchase date, we will change the lenses at no cost to you.

Single Vision

Eyeglass lens that corrects either farsighted or nearsighted vision.

Progressive Addition Lens (PAL)

These lenses incorporate corrections for distance vision - through midrange to near vision (usually in lower part of lens). The prescription is usually positioned in the lower part of the lens and has a smooth visual transition with no bifocal demarcation line.


A bifocal lens incorporates two different powers in each lens, usually for near and distance corrections.


A trifocal lens incorporates three different powers of lenses. The main portion is usually focused for distance (20 ft.), the center segment for about 2 ft., and the lower segment for near vision (14 in.).